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My desire is to always be progressing in the field of content creation and digital marketing. My 7 years of progressive experience in various channels of marketing has prepared me for any marketing and content position. Combine that with my pervious experience in the sports industry, this has given me a valuable insight to the overall relationships of people and coordination. Having natural interpersonal and communication skills, I have built a solid foundation of trust with strategic partners, clients, venues, and service providers.


I characterize myself as an excellent team player, creative, problem solver, energetic, fast paced, and able to relate to people.
I believe that to be successful in Marketing and content creation, it requires thinking differently, telling great stories, adopting new behaviors and creating a culture to support success. It’s not about just staying ahead of the competition, but changing the game by being unconventional, innovative, embracing new ways of working and creating successful marketing campaigns.

I will continue to progress in both my field and my skill set. Thanks for checking me out!

Contact   Phone: 541-261-7329

Austin, TX

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